Purchase of wood

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We buy wood from the Tervola, Keminmaa, Kemi, Tornio, Simoni and Ylitornio regions. The wood is used for wood processing in our sawmill and the by-products of processing, such as bark and sawdust, are used to produce heat around Finland.

We work together with the seller to harvest and harvest the wood to ensure the forest's biodiversity and growth in the future. Our operations are reliable and responsible, and we want to think about our future generations. We use the wood in our company for wood processing.

We carry out the harvesting mainly in cooperation with Metsä Kokkonen Oy.

We also employ other local contractors who are involved in harvesting and transporting the wood.

For help with selling your wood:

Juha Kakko
p. 040 523 7723

Juha Kokkonen
p. 0400 574 941