Tervolan Saha ja Höyläämö Oy invests in a new sawmill in Tervola

The investment project includes new equipment; a sawmill, a saw feed, a peeling mill, a 30-compartment fresh sorting and rimming plant and a production control system. The equipment will be installed in a new hall of almost 4000 m2.

The project will start in summer 2022 and will be completed in summer 2023. Upon completion, the company will employ at least 10 more people, with a wider indirect impact. The plant will double its wood consumption (in one shift), producing 110 000-120 000m3 of finished sawn timber. The cost of the project is estimated at more than €20 million. The development project has also been facilitated by the Ely Centre, which has awarded a substantial development grant.

The project is also of regional importance in Northern Finland. The project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.